Upholding Your Course's High Standard, and Beyond.

As the proud supplier for many of the top golf courses in Ontario, we understand the demands. You want to maintain beauty and playability, so only the best will do. Choose from our variety of specialty golf mixes. Only material of the finest quality is used in our specialty golf blends.

Grower's Choice™ has a great reputation within the golf industry because we are simple in our approach: provide quality product, great customer service and prompt delivery times. We realize each course is different and therefore has different requirements. We will customize your mix to meet your needs. Our Premium Divot Mix has been a top seller for the past 15 years running – call to see a sample today and see why.

Variety to Fit Your Needs

Our knowledgeable staff understands the needs of the golf superintendent. We will work with you to determine the best mix for your course.

Golf Mixes

Premium Divot Mix
• Incredible germination rate 
• All-natural, high-quality ingredients 
• Dark, rich colour 
• Neutral pH level 
• High cation exchange capacity 
• Low in soluble salts and easy to apply 


Premium Top Dress Sand
• 2mm screen 
• >2% silt and clay content 
• Consistent 
• Great to work with 
• Super value 


Greens & Tee Mix
• 2mm screen or finer 
• Customized to your liking – variety of organics available 
• Low silt 

Premium & Custom Blends

Premium Nursery Mix, Perennial Mix and Custom Blends
In addition to premium mulches and soil mixes, we specialize in producing a high-end custom blended organic Nursery/Perennial Mix. 

We understand that each grower requires a slightly different mix than his or her counterpart depending on numerous factors. We stand behind our product and will track the growth process of your plant material. 

Custom Blends
Our custom blends can be mixed to meet your horticultural specifications. Customize your specialty mix from our wide array of quality raw materials: 

• Composted Pine Bark - Screened 1/2" - 1" 
• Fresh Pine Chips 
• Hardwood Bark 
• Sand - 2mm, 3mm or 4mm 
• Stone Chips 
• Bone Meal 
• Vermiculite or Perlite 
• Composted Manure 
• Leaf Compost 
• Controlled Release Fertilizers 
• Muck Peat 
• Mushroom Compost 
• Canadian Sphagnum Peat (compressed) 

We have years of horticultural background at our disposal, and we use this knowledge to develop high-grade Nursery blends.


Certified Playground Mulch
Grower’s Choice™ is now producing and supplying Certified Playground Mulch to our valued customers. We have been supplying quality mulch and soil products to Cities and Municipalities throughout Ontario for the past several years now. Tests compliant to Detroit Testing Laboratory Inc.: ASTM F1951-99 CSA Z614-03 ASTM F2075-04-04 

Hemlock Mulch
This has been our most popular mulch for years! It’s pretty obvious as to why: its reddish-brown colour is second to none, and when you add in its fresh, natural hemlock aroma, it’s a definite top seller throughout the industry. 

Composted Pine Mulch
This premium mulch is comprised of red and white pine bark and has been composted for a minimum of two years. After it has been aged we grind it to an even spreading consistency. The end result is a mulch of wonderful colour that is easy to apply and pleasing to the eye. 

Shredded Pine Mulch
Made from 100% fresh red and white pine bark that has been double-ground to an even consistency. This stunning reddish-brown mulch is second to none, giving off that fresh pine aroma that everyone enjoys! 

Valley Cedar Mulch
Our most popular, this mulch is a mixture of fresh virgin cedar and cedar bark, double-ground to an appearance second to none! This mulch has a beautiful nutty brown appearance with a natural golden look coming through. 

Red Explosion Mulch/Black Knight Mulch/Brown Mulch
Ground to a finer consistency than the industry norm, these coloured mulches are covered with generous amounts of environmentally friendly red or black dyes; these mulches are extremely popular because of their look and durability. Absolutely beautiful looking mulch! 

Forest Mulch
A blend of hard and soft woods, this mulch provides the end-user with mulch that is very dark and rich in colour. Easy to apply and very affordable, this mulch is great for large commercial jobs. 

Pneumatic Seeding

What are the benefits to Grower’s Choice Pneumatic Seeding?
• Seed is planted rather than being exposed on the surface; 
• Germination is increased because the moisture and warmth insulate the seed; 
• The “blow” in application levels the rough grade of subsoil with a smooth finished layer of well draining soil; 
• Most lawns can be planted in less than 2 hours; 
• Improves turf quality; 
• Gives fields or lawns increased resistance to environmental stress; 
• Increases water holding capacity of soil; 
• Improves turf root system; and 
• Saves considerable money and time for you. 


What does this mean for your lawn or sports field?
• Less watering, especially in drought conditions; 
• Lower dependency on pesticides and fertilizer; and 
• Decreases compaction, which is one of the main reasons for turfgrass failure. 


Where can I use Grower’s Choice Pneumatic Seeding application?
• New lawn or sports field installation; 
• Existing lawn topdressing and renovation; 
• Sports field topdressing and renovation; and 
• Installation of native landscapes with wildflower seed. 

Tackifier Microblend – Slope Applications
Pneumatic Seeding Tackifier Microblend is water soluble and is supplied in a powder form. When mixed properly with water, it acts like glue that binds together the various components of Pneumatic Seeding (compost and seed) and sticks to the soil. This is ideal for slopes and incline applications. Adding the tackifier also binds together tiny soil particles, creating aggregate, therefore reducing erosion issues. 

Base Materials

Screenings, Sands, Stone, Rock and Aggregates
In addition to premium mulches and soil mixes, we have 
an assortment of base material ready-to-go for your project. 


We stock the following base materials:
Granular A 
3/4" Clear Stone 
3mm Sand 
4mm Sand 
Pea Stone 
River Rock 2"-5"