Blower Truck

Save time, money and deliver a better finished product. Grower's Choice is pleased to offer our Blower Truck Service to our valued customers for quick installation of mulch, soils and Pneumatic Seeding. This revolutionary device has the ability to apply mulch and soils up to 300 feet away. It can be difficult to reach places such as roof tops and steep embankments. Our trucks will hold up to 100 cubic yards of mulch and 70 cubic yards of soil, giving you the ability to complete large scale jobs easily and quickly. Call us and let us do the work for you – you will save considerable time and money.

Pneumatic Seeding

Grower’s Choice™ Pneumatic Seeding is a revolutionary seeding process that combines several steps into one easy, efficient application of a nutrient-enriched compost and seed for quick installation. This one simple step eliminates many time consuming and costly steps: hauling and spreading, fertilizing, leveling, hand seeding, etc.

Slope Applications are a breeze. Pneumatic Seeding Tackifier Microblend is water soluble and is supplied in a powder form. When mixed properly with water, it acts like glue that binds together the various components of Pneumatic Seeding (compost and seed) and sticks to the soil. This is ideal for slopes and incline applications. Adding the tackifier also binds together tiny soil particles, creating aggregate, therefore reducing erosion issues.

What are the benefits of Pneumatic Seeding?


What are the benefits to Grower’s Choice Pneumatic Seeding?
• Seed is planted rather than being exposed on the surface; 
• Germination is increased because the moisture and warmth insulate the seed; 
• The “blow” in application levels the rough grade of subsoil with a smooth finished layer of well draining soil; 
• Most lawns can be planted in less than 2 hours; 
• Improves turf quality; 
• Gives fields or lawns increased resistance to environmental stress; 
• Increases water holding capacity of soil; 
• Improves turf root system; and 
• Saves considerable money and time for you. 

What does this mean for your lawn or sports field?


What does this mean for your lawn or sports field?
• Less watering, especially in drought conditions; 
• Lower dependency on pesticides and fertilizer; and 
• Decreases compaction, which is one of the main reasons for turfgrass failure. 

Where can I use Pneumatic Seeding application?

Where can I use Grower’s Choice Pneumatic Seeding application?
• New lawn or sports field installation; 
• Existing lawn topdressing and renovation; 
• Sports field topdressing and renovation; and 
• Installation of native landscapes with wildflower seed.